The kite runner montage

The kite runner montage

Montage highlighting how the symbol of the kite changes as the book develops.

Journey Home Mapping Project

Journey Home Mapping Project

This project explored the ways in which a simple journey home could be visually represented. Using a “brainwriting” technique, I focused on the word “superstition” and tried to show the connection between the university and my house through the superstitions I follow. These included avoiding cracks in the pavement and stepping around drainpipes. The hand-rendered type is purposely designed in circle, to mimic the mandala which in hinduism has spiritual ties.

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Distortion of Water, Oil and Light
This photographic set looks at the idea of distortion, specifically through the use of water, oil and light and the ways in which the three can be combined. Whilst I think that the photo’s look well organised in a grid created in InDesign and well photographed, I feel that more thought could have gone into making sure the margins were evenly spaced- particularly the gap down the centre and the border around the edge. Also I feel that the distribution of the colour images needs work, so that it doesn’t just look like a random selection of images.

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Biomimicry Poster #2
The second in the series of posters created about Biomimicry, this one explores the technique of leaf cutting. I think that this poster again works well in context to the topic; using leaf cutting as a way of creating typography to spread the message about Biomimicry, which in itself is nature based. With this poster I definitely could have experimented with scale a bit more. The sizing of the examples of Biomimicry could have been played around with. Compositionally I think the piece is weak. I also think that the piece could have been scaled better, it needs more of a definite margin around the image.

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Biomimicry Poster #1
Having explored the concept of Biomimicry (taking inspiration from nature’s natural processes and designs to solve human problems), I decided to create an informative poster based on the topic. Influenced by designer, Anna Garforth’s use of natural materials in her ‘Edible Poster’, I went for a simple clean-cut piece. What I think works well about this poster, is mainly the concept and the ideas behind it. It depicts typography ‘growing’- you have the initial stages of forming the basic cookie dough, to seeing the letters rise in the oven, echoing nature. The dark navy background also works well, to provide a contrast with the baked cookies. However I think that the type is too erratic, I should have only used one type but emphasized words but using a different point size or at least used type from the same font family. In terms of scale the piece could have been properly cropped and centered, so that the text was definitely aligned center, and all the type was straight.

First Year BA (…

First Year BA (Hons) Graphic Design Student

Have just started a Graphic design course at The Arts College University Bournemouth, so will be posting up work soon

Viral Video

Not really a ‘film-maker’ but the aim was to get the idea of Tetris across, specifically the concept of ‘completing to deplete’- so making objects fit together to disappear!

Viral Marketing

So after that two week typography brief, we’ve started a new two week brief on Viral Videos! Have to admit, that I don’t really know much about Viral Videos but examples do include the amazing PES animations (my favourite is ‘Game Over’ The main outcome from this brief is to create our own viral video based on a chosen game- for this I’ve chosen the classic game Tetris! So firstly I though I should start off by doing a  little research on Viral Marketing and flash mobs etc..

Final Typography Book

So this is the finished outcome from my typography brief, its basically a concertina book filled with all the typography I’d created from “drummer”. I actually chose to overlap the images to mimic the same sense of flow and rhythm that music has, by using photoshop.