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What makes Waterloo Station so interesting to observe, is the business and the activity. It always seems to be go! go! go! However, there are moments, when people do stop- whether its helping someone out when they’ve dropped something, check the board times, or in this case reaching for something in a bag. In this photo, I really like the contrast between the movement in the background and the man in the foreground searching for something- as If he as all the time in the world.


The Escape

After sitting in Waterloo for an hour in the morning, and an hour in the evening, I’ve found that any time of the day is rush hour, no matter what time- the place is always busy with activity! Today there’s also the added extra of charity workers raising money by selling poppies for Rembrance Day, as well as the usual lot of city workers, travellers and tourists. Looking back through the photos, its always nice to watch someone so engrossed in a book that they’re unaware of their surroundings, or even just two people meeting each other at the station.

The Start!

Hello! So the project I’m currently working on at the moment is all about observing the natural environment; looking specifically at the details, the people that occupy the space and the overall atmosphere. Thinking about how people interact within a space, I decided to go to one of the busiest stations in London, Waterloo Station. The Station would allow me to not only record the movement of city workers, but also students, tourists, and even the workers from the shops.