Overheard Conversation

Using a letraset, I recreated snippets of conversations I had overheard in and around Epsom- specifically trying to ‘animate’ the text through positioning, composition of letters and typeface (bold, regular, italic etc..)

After being influenced by the international typographers I researched, the previous composition experiments and the different techniques typographers used, I started to create my own typographer with words all relating to my given profession of a “drummer”.

Using the Helvetica font, I cut out the three words : ‘Drummer’, ‘Snare’ and ‘ Concert’ in bold capitals, capitals and lower case and arranged these into various different compositions. Looking specifically at playing around with the weighting of the letters, the arrangement of the words and how the three words could work together.


The next project I started actually a while back was a two week brief on typography, with the end product being a small concertina book. At first I mainly experimented with different types of typography- researching a variety of typographers from all over the world, as well as looking closely at the techniques typographers used in their work.


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So the first official graphics brief was “Oil water and light”. Basically exploring and experimenting with these three things individually, but also looking to see how they interact together if at all. Looking back at my work, a lot of it was influenced by the concept of DISTORTION, whether it be surface distortion, chemical and physical and hopefully this comes across in my selected photos!




On this particular day, I caught sight of a lot of people carrying around cups with the word “YOU” printed on them. These are presumably from one of the many coffee shops around, however the fact that this man is looking away, but his cup has caught me in the act of taking a photo, i find ironic.