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Critique of 3 previous pieces

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Biomimicry Poster #1
Having explored the concept of Biomimicry (taking inspiration from nature’s natural processes and designs to solve human problems), I decided to create an informative poster based on the topic. Influenced by designer, Anna Garforth’s use of natural materials in her ‘Edible Poster’, I went for a simple clean-cut piece. What I think works well about this poster, is mainly the concept and the ideas behind it. It depicts typography ‘growing’- you have the initial stages of forming the basic cookie dough, to seeing the letters rise in the oven, echoing nature. The dark navy background also works well, to provide a contrast with the baked cookies. However I think that the type is too erratic, I should have only used one type but emphasized words but using a different point size or at least used type from the same font family. In terms of scale the piece could have been properly cropped and centered, so that the text was definitely aligned center, and all the type was straight.