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Critique of 3 previous pieces

Critique of 3 previous pieces

Distortion of Water, Oil and Light
This photographic set looks at the idea of distortion, specifically through the use of water, oil and light and the ways in which the three can be combined. Whilst I think that the photo’s look well organised in a grid created in InDesign and well photographed, I feel that more thought could have gone into making sure the margins were evenly spaced- particularly the gap down the centre and the border around the edge. Also I feel that the distribution of the colour images needs work, so that it doesn’t just look like a random selection of images.


So the first official graphics brief was “Oil water and light”. Basically exploring and experimenting with these three things individually, but also looking to see how they interact together if at all. Looking back at my work, a lot of it was influenced by the concept of DISTORTION, whether it be surface distortion, chemical and physical and hopefully this comes across in my selected photos!